Program Collective | Domus – Water For Life
PROGRAM COLLECTIVE was conceived by four designers and artists working as equal creative partners across disciplinary boundaries. Each partner has worked in fields spanning architecture, design, semiotics, communication, museology and museography for more than a decade and they all share an interest in the application of the new technologies to create multisensorial experiences.
Splash sculpture, Maxxi Rome, Las Arenas Barcelona, World Expo 2008, Expo Zaragoza 2008
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Domus - Water For Life

Domus – Water For Life

It’s hard to thinf of something more real and ordinary than water. Nonetheless, visitors to the Zaragoza International Expo xan comprehend the importance and, why not, the magic of this natural element that is so indispensable for life. All thanks to four “magicians” of visual communication (Mona Kim, Todd Palmer, Olga Subirós ands Simon Taylor, working under the name of Program Collective) who have used sophisticated digital technology, built extra-large sculptural installations and drawn on the poetry of film narration.